17. Deputy Dara Calleary asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform the flood relief projects undertaken in 2017; the projects planned for 2018; the status of CFRAM; and if he will make a statement on the matter. (Question 53461/17 asked on 14 Dec 2017)

Deputy Dara Calleary: I ask the Minister of State to provide an update on the status of CFRAM and on the major projects that are planned. I do not want a long list of everything the Minister of State has done, which I am sure he had planned to give, just an update on CFRAM and the major projects planned for 2018.

(Deputy Kevin Boxer Moran): I could, of course, mention many schemes. Since I was elected, Deputies have raised a huge number of issues in respect of CFRAM. In 2017, five schemes were completed. There are seven schemes ongoing at present and ten are planned for commencement in 2018. I would also acknowledge the minor works scheme, under which 60 projects have been completed in 2017. The latter is a considerable improvement on the position this time last year.

The Deputy has referred to Crossmolina on many occasions. I assure him that the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Deputy Ring, has been living in my offices for the past while. I do not hear Deputy Calleary praising the scheme that has been announced to a value of €10 million for the people of Crossmolina.

Deputy Dara Calleary: Give me time.

Deputy Kevin Boxer Moran: I assure him and all other Deputies that I made a commitment regarding CFRAM. It is nearly complete and people will see the outcome.

Deputy Dara Calleary: Given the season, I was going to be nice to the Minister of State and acknowledge that he has woken up many people in the OPW. I hope that continues. I acknowledge the progress on CFRAM. If the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Deputy Ring, has been living in the Minister of State’s office, I have been living in his ear in respect of this matter. However, it is important that it actually happens and that progress is made. The difficulty for people in Crossmolina and so many other communities is that, in the coming weeks, their properties could still be flooded, depending on how the weather goes. We need to keep the pressure on and keep the foot on the pedal. I have no doubt that the Minister of State will do so. If he does not, Deputy Eugene Murphy will have something to say.

In many cases, the maps being used for CFRAM have been misappropriated by insurance companies seeking to turn down cover or to use them as an excuse to increase premiums. Is the OPW dealing with that issue and dealing with insurance companies that are using the very valuable work being done under CFRAM as a reason to increase premiums in certain areas?

Deputy Kevin Boxer Moran: I assure the Deputy those maps have not been made public and that insurance companies are not using them. At the same time, I know what the insurance companies are doing. The Minister of State, Deputy D’Arcy, and I met representatives from Insurance Ireland in the past couple of months. As Deputy Calleary is aware, my job is to defend and protect homes throughout the country. This matter also falls within the remit of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and the Minister of State, Deputy D’Arcy. We are working closely with Insurance Ireland to ensure that wherever people need cover, it will be provided.