88. Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick asked the Minister for Finance the way in which a bond owned by a person (details supplied) can be cashed. (Question 12448/18 asked on 20 Mar 2018)

Minister for Finance (Deputy Paschal Donohoe): I am advised by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) that Bank of Ireland historically acted as registrars for certain bonds and Savings Schemes on behalf of the State. Bank of Ireland ceased to fulfil this function some years ago.

The Central Bank of Ireland is now responsible for the maintenance of the register of Irish Government Bonds. As part of its responsibilities the Central Bank of Ireland also maintains in respect of Irish Government Bonds records of amounts not claimed on the redemption date or unclaimed interest on bonds. The NTMA has contacted the Central Bank of Ireland and understands that these records would include records for bonds where Bank of Ireland previously acted as registrar.

In order to investigate whether such a bond has not been redeemed, the holder should write, providing the details, to the following address:

Government Bonds Section

Central Bank of Ireland

Spencer Dock

PO BOX 11517

North Wall Quay

Dublin 1

Alternatively the holder can also e-mail the following address: